"It's Getting Colder!"

posted by Tom and Nancee on November 10, 2017

With the change in weather, our official hours have changed to "Hit or Miss." Please call for appointments, plantings, landscape maintenance, or consulting. We are still landscaping as weather permits. We will officially close down for winter on December 1st.

We also have Holiday Gift Certificates available, so pick yours up today!

-Tom and Nancee

"Fall is for Planting"

posted by Tom and Nancee on October 1, 2017

Fall is the ideal time for planting most trees and shrubs. Warm days and cool nights stimulate root growth, which is what growing is all about. Come stroll through our gardens and see what Fall has to offer you here at our shop and gardens. Many Spring and Summer flowering trees and shrubs also reward you with great Fall foliage color as well as bark and stem interest.

-Tom and Nancee